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This website is dedicated to all things music. My name is Alan Bove (ABoveNet) Whether it’s simple praise for certain musicians, obscure gear, or tips for beginning guitarists, we have a little piece of everything. At we look to celebrate music and all that it offers. As the author of this site, I did not set it up to bash bands I don’t like, or certain forms of music I do not care for. My aim is to provide you with some of my own musical background, while giving my opinion on anything from concerts to what guitar you should buy as a beginning player. I have been playing the guitar since the age of 14, and 19 years later, I still have a great love for the instrument. What I have realized is that although I am not the greatest player in the world, I certainly have the same enthusiasm about playing that I had when I picked up my first cheap guitar with some money my mother had set aside for me.